Phoenix and Dragon Tattoo

The Dragon and Phoenix are the two of the most powerful symbols of success and prosperity in Chinese mythology.

Dragon is the 'yin' (female energy) while phoenix is the 'yang' (male energy), a perfect balance that is needed for a successful life.

The lotus flower is found in mud and represents rising from struggles and hardships.

It means awakening to reality or transformation to beauty.

It also stands for beauty and strength.

It is interesting that the phoenix is pictured at the top, showing that the male energy is dominant.

It also gives the phoenix the birds eye view.

It also has the freedom to take flight but is embraced and supported by the female energy of the dragon.

The thigh is where the hard steps taken are recognised, these are strong muscles and are able to allow you to trudge through the thickest of mud (hard times).

Just like the lotus rises through the mud to show its beauty, the thigh can ensure that you use the strength in your stride to complete your journey and you, yourself show your beautiful side to the world.

With this energy working with you, you can achieve everything you want in this lifetime as long as you have balance.

Choosing colours for this tattoo will add extra energy.

It will be important to choose the right ones for your personal journey.

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