Seahorse and Starfish

Let’s start with the Star fish and what energy this animal has.

The sea horse is a unique animal and so emphasises the uniqueness of you.

This animal is always calm and collected as it navigates the seas.

Draw on this energy when you need to be calm and collected.

It is also a reminder to be patient and content with where you are at within your own life regardless of how slow or quickly it is going.

The seahorse energy also is about friendliness.

Remember the power in showing kindness, compassion and generosity to fellow human beings.

The sea horse also signals a time for emotional clarification.

It’s about finding a balance when it comes to duty and responsibilities.

Make sure that you are not taking on the responsibility and duties of others.

Be sure to nurture yourself and bring the nurturer out in you and allow yourself to show your affectionate and even romantic side to others.

The seahorse energy is also about the importance of family life.

Nurture your children and raise them to become good people that get along with others in peace, love and harmony.

The seahorse is also your protector when you travel.

Just like the seahorse you are tough on the outside but a real softie on the inside.

You may appear aloof but you can be quite charming and wonderful once people get to know you.

You have a large social network but you only have a few people who you are close to.

Your close knit group of friends works for you just fine.

So now looking at the starfish.

Firstly, I want to point out the positioning of this animal on the body and the grouping with the starfish. You can see that the starfish is beneath the seahorse but slightly in front.

It looks like a stepping stone.

So, let’s look at the starfish and its energy.

The star as well as the starfish are seen as celestial symbols.

They represent infinite divine love.

In addition, the starfish represents guidance, vigilance, inspiration, and intuition.

All these things are important to utilise before stepping forward.

Listening to the guidance you are being given, be vigilant about travelling your life’s path, receive inspiration and listening to your intuition to ensure that you are moving forward in a true and correct path for you.

The starfish is known for its ability to regenerate its limbs and even its entire body.

This teaches you to trust in your ability to renew yourself so you can be a different but better person. When you call on your starfish energy you move through life doing most things in your own unique way.

Just the same as the sea horse.

You trust your instincts and have the innate ability to discern new possibilities and opportunities.

You have the ability to follow your inner voice and heart to achieve your goals and desires.

You are also sensitive and perceptive, and you like being alone with your thoughts.

You are reflective of the past, but you are determined to make the future something to look forward to. You are hardworking and committed.

When you are being guided by the starfish totem, you are a good friend and a passionate lover.

Looking at the colours of this tattoo, we have black, grey and white within this shading of colours. Black stands for many things but in this tattoo it brings in the energy of strength, elegance and sophistication.

The energy of the colour grey is intellect and the ability to compromise.

The white is about clarity and purity of intention and actions towards others.

It also is about sincerity and understanding with yourself and towards others.

Now let’s look at the energy on the body where this tattoo is located.

This tattoo is situated on the lower outer part of the right leg.

This is what we have right by our side.

Those of us who have dogs as pets can relate to the fact that this is where we teach our dogs to sit. Right by our side.

So, the energy here is also about our protector.

To always stand beside us regardless of where we are travelling or what we are doing.

To sum up this reading, being both creatures of the sea, and therefore water, this is also about your emotional journey.

It is about being a person of pure intent, full of passion and compassion.

Step forward with this energy to be the best version of you and to immerse yourself into life being confident and trusting in your intuitive guidance.

Go with the flow and remain calm but know you have the power to reinvent yourself at any time. Embrace your uniqueness and let yourself shine just like the star.

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