Lavender Waxbill Tattoo

The Lavender waxbill is a type of finch.

The bird is a sparkly symbol of high energy and brighter days on the horizon.

Generally, the symbolism of the finch is an indication of liveliness, exuberance, and enthusiasm in your life.

Finch people tend to enjoy life and treasure every moment in it for joy and the love in it.

From the name of the bird, the colour lavender represents beauty and femininity.

The colour of the actual bird’s body is a silver which represents being glamourous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant.

The tail is a crimson red.

The symbolic meaning of the colour crimson is the determination to succeed without upsetting anyone.

It represents sensuality, a celestial love of goodness and a high social standing.

The leaves in the tattoo are green and show a connection to nature and fresh ideas and a renewed outlook on life.

There are new buds indicating that you are on a journey of opening up more of yourself to reveal more of your hidden beauty.

The positions of these buds show that you are already in this stage.

The open blossoms behind you reveal the beauty that you leave behind you for others to enjoy.

This is the beauty that you create in this world.

The dusty rose pink of the flowers shows a deep love that is always beneath everything you do.

The yellow gold centre of the flowers represents your heart.

The golden sunshine energy that is the very centre of you.

This is surround by white pearls.

This indicates a wisdom and beauty that is rare and precious.

Your left side is your feminine side.

Which highlights the feminine energy of the bird.

Being upon your shoulder it sits as your faithful companion.

It helps soften any burdens that you carry.

Keeping things light.

The overall energy of your tattoo is that of joy but in a sophisticated way.

You walk tall and with great dignity and compassion for those around you.

You light up the room with your presence.

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