Scar Coverup with Owl Tattoo

What vibrant colours and amazing symbols in this owl tattoo.

The owl itself represents wisdom, intuition and ancient knowledge.

It knows how to deliver lessons that are educational.

I believe this scar did just that for you.

This was indeed a large and painful lesson that was dished out.

The owls head has a magical feel and it looks like it has a wizard’s hat upon its head.

One of a sorcerer, wielding amazing power and strength.

Owls themselves live within the darkness and it is then that their sight is the most keen.

The days of your recovery too were indeed dark at times, but this is also when you gained the most insight into the future ahead of you.

You could see clearly that past mistakes have served you great lessons.

The diamond on the owl’s forehead is in the location of the Third Eye Chakra, the energy centre for clear vision and insight and intuition.

The diamond symbol has long been valued for its immaculate beauty.

Its physical appearance is associated with valuable attributes that are relevant to living a meaningful life, such as purity, clarity and wisdom.

This wisdom speaks to us of our ability to choose.

The owl has blue eyebrows and eye surrounds.

This is the colour of clarity, emphasising the ability to see things clearly and to also express things clearly.

The frills around the owls eye’s and head is from an older era in time, emphasising the knowledge one has is coming from a past life.

This energy is also that of a theatrical air.

It was quite a scene that played out when receiving this scar.

The hexagon shapes in the chest of the bird indicates balance, integration, communication, harmony, equality, dependability and truth.

This is the chest armour that protects what lies within the heart.

They also resemble the skin of a pineapple which symbolises expressing warmth and good cheer.

The side of the owl has fresh green leaves with a vibrant red centre.

This is indicating a passion that is in the centre of strong connections to nature.

It is indicating strong growth and good health.

There is also a full bloom at the owl’s feet indicating a strong connection to nature and this person has really blossomed and is not afraid to show their beauty.

They have laid their soul at their feet for all to see.

The feet both facing to the right show that their direction of flight will be towards the future.

The tail feathers are blue which is a colour of healing, a sign of communication, peace and protection. The tail feathers themselves are what assists the bird to take flight.

Tail flight feathers are mainly concerned with stability and control.

They are used as a rudder, helping to steer and balance the bird and allow the bird to twist and turn in flight.

These feathers also act as a brake for landing.

This tattoo being at the back of the arm above the elbow holds the energy of balance and momentum. When we walk, we naturally swing our arms to help us retain our balance.

The faster we want to walk the more we swing our arms to help us quicken our pace.

Using your wisdom and ancient knowledge you can propel yourself forward into something that is truly magical.

You can see your future clearly and your ability to clearly communicate to others the lessons that you have learnt in life is welcoming for those that you choose to be your scholars. ​​

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