Fierce Lion Concept Tattoo

We work with prospective tattoo designs. Many designs are looking for an artist to complete the work. When you work with Donna BEFORE you get your new ink you are enjoying the best of both worlds. She can offer any suggestions before the work has began AND delve deeply into the metaphysical aspects of the clients life journey.

We work with actual tattoos after the ink has been placed.This even allows Donna to delve into the psyche of the wearer even more deeply. When you read the M&M's reading you will notice that Donna was contacted by both the grandmothers of the client. They jointly had messages for the client. Interesting.

We also work with tattoos that the wearer doesn't like any more and want to have them modified. Actually this was how SoulTattoo got started.

This design was only of artwork and you can see that Donna was able to add a far deeper understanding of what at first sight is simply a design.

In the hands of a skilled psychic - nothing is simple!

This is a concept drawing for a tattoo.

It hasn’t yet been tattooed on anyone that I am aware of.

The first thing I notice with this tattoo is a great depth of sadness showing in the eyes. 

I know the label says fierce but this magnificent beast is showing deep compassion and vulnerability.

The overall look is solemn - sincere, genuine and committed.

Lion cubs are born with blue-grey eyes and begin to change to golden brown by the age of two to three months.

So, this Lion has a uniqueness.

The blue eyes also indicate a young at heart individual.

Blue eyes represent knowledge.

Those with blue eyes possess a calm and peaceful personality.

Next, I can see the 4 points of a compass. North, South, East and West.

The lion is at the centre of this.

A Lion represents courage, strength and a strong sense of pride.

This shows that these traits are at the centre of all decisions made in whichever direction you may choose to go in life.

It indicates too that you have all the knowledge that is needed to make the correct choices.

The perfect halves of colour and black and white represent the balance of when you need to be serious and when you can be vibrant.

The colourful side of this tattoo is on the left.

It is our creative side, indicating the ability to bring ideas through to reality through being creative.

A good position on the body for this tattoo would be on the outer upper arm.

The energy here is where we place our ranking, like that on an armed forces uniform.

It indicates a proud fearless leader that lives and abides by integrity and a touch of vulnerability.

If this were placed on the thigh, it would have the energy of using these traits to trudge through life’s challenges with great strength and endurance.

Moving one leg forward and then the other.

The thigh is a very large muscle with enormous strength and the ability to hold big burdens. ​​

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