Scar Coverup with Tree Tattoo

This is an interesting choice of tattoo.

The bend in the tree shows where the tree has had to grow out sidewards due to something blocking its path from continuing to grow straight up.

After this period though the tree then continues its vertical climb.

It is interesting looking at the scar itself as it travels around the elbow itself.

This is a pivot point in the body.

This pivot point allows the lower arm to bend and change direction.

It is interesting then that the tree trunk when following this line emphasises this direction of growth. Black is a colour of strength and of death.

This indicates here the death of the old you and the strength that it took to make the changes.

It also shows a willingness to bend to a different way of doing things.

Even though the road to the change took some time to complete the advancement from that moment of completion on has been very straight forward and very rewarding.

You can see by the amount of flowers on this tree that there are fewer before this major turning point. If you look at the height of the grown tree and then look at is as a marker of years.

In early childhood you can see a strong branch containing many flowers.

This indicates a very happy childhood.

Then as teenage years approached you were really starting to blossom.

But your life took a different unexpected turn and had you travelling on a different path.

As you can see by the strength of the trunk, this was always a sure and certain path that you were on. You never wavered from where you were headed, never questioning why you why going the way you were or what you were doing along the way.

The black trunk also symbolises ancient knowledge.

It also symbolises the strength and the strong support that you are to your family and friends.

You have the ability to reach out to everyone.

The pink cherry blossoms indicate love and friendship.

It is also the feminine part of you that you allow to blossom and reveal to everyone around.

Cherry blossoms only flower for around two weeks and remind you that life is short and to make the most of everyday.

It also reminds us to live in the present and to see the beauty around us.

With the tattoo being at the back of the arm it also holds the energy of what gives us the momentum to keep moving forward.

We swing into action so to speak. This tattoo gives you the strength to power forward but the soft heart to do this in a loving way.

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