Dog Paw Memorial Tattoo

This tattoo is obviously a memorial of a much loved pet called Hunter. The use of Hunters real foot print for the template for the tattoo shows how much this person wants the real Hunter to still be a part of their life.

The feet are what keep you grounded and stable. Without your feet you are unable to stand. Symbols here are what bring you back to earth. It keeps everything real. So, this person feels that they could no longer stand on their own if Hunter was not still a part of their life. It makes me smile as I can see Hunter with his big feet quite often standing on yours as you stood together. It was this feeling that you wanted to keep as you cherished the memory of it. How amazing that this dog lived to 11 years of age. It shows that this dog was very much loved and cared for. 11 is a spiritual master number. It brings higher intuition and spiritual insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, as well as empathy and natural intelligence. The number eleven is a sign of enormous power, both mental and physical. Now Hunter was a very intuitive and intelligent dog. This animal also kept you grounded, not only by keeping you busy with the mundane tasks associated with having a pet, but also just by patting his fur.

The name Hunter normally would indicate that this animal loved to hunt prey. But this animal was on the hunt for adventure. I can feel a very playful energy with a touch of goofiness when the time was appropriate. He did have a serious side though and was a great protector. His loyalty went beyond what was expected of a pet. The unconditional love was unlike any other love you have ever felt.

Hunter is definitely still with you and I know that you can still feel his fur against your leg and the pressure of his big paw as he stands on your foot. You shake yourself as if you imagined it. Just know that you didn’t and he is definitely just a hand distance away. You can still confide in him and tell him all your troubles and all your happy secrets.

The fact that this tattoo faces those that look at you, is a sign of showing people how far you have come. They can see that you are still moving forward. Your loyalty and dedication shows here too. It is you putting your best foot forward and the need to feel a sense of pride. That you are capable of loving deeply.

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