Mastectomy Tattoo

This tattoo is healing energy imbued by the use of artwork at its absolute best.

The first thing I see are of course the beautiful vibrant lotus flowers.

The fact that the colours are so vibrant and rich indicates that a great richness has been added to your life from this incredibly hard battle of survival that you have been through.

The lotus flowers are found in mud and represent rising from struggles and hardships.

It also represents awakening to reality and transformation to beauty.

So, the choice of this flower is perfect for you.I feel as part of your journey with cancer that you began in denial and disbelief that you could have this disease.

Then reality hit when you were diagnosed and everything happened at a rapid rate.

The colour purple represents dignity & pride, independence and peace.

You certainly had to struggle with yourself to regain these things. But I can see that you are proud of the woman you now are, coming through this battle stronger, surer and independent.

As this is a journey travelled very much alone.

You have also found a new peace in your life that was forever elusive before.

The energy of the breast is that of nurturing and femininity.

They embrace each side of our heart’s centre.

The softness of the petals lovingly embrace each breast and adorn it with absolute feminine beauty.

The tattoos show that you have turned a corner in your healing.

You have decided to see that you are still beautiful and very much a woman, even after going through a harsh and arduous battle and losing a part of your physical body.

To see that this does not make you less than whole but instead has made you feel more whole.

You are more loving, compassionate and wiser than you were before because of this journey. Y

ou are woman, hear you roar.

You have become a role model to many other women.

You are no longer needing the scars to remind you of what you felt that you lost, but were ready to see the beauty of what you truly are. You now embrace your femininity and have learnt to nurture yourself.

You now realise that to nurture and love yourself is not being selfish, but it is essential to your being. You hold your head high and walk like a proud warrior.

This tattoo is now your chest plate.It is the armour that won’t let disease enter again.

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