Lizard Tattoo on Upper Middle Back

The lizard represents being flexible and highly adaptive.

They are capable of overcoming adverse circumstances and personal attacks.

With this tattoo placed in the back it literally has your back.

It is like your own personal turtle shell acting as an armour without having to physically carry the weight.

The lizard also possesses the ability to shed its tail when caught by a predator in order to escape.

It is interesting that in this tattoo the tail encases the yin and yang symbol, the symbol of balance.

It is about opposing forces complimenting each other and being necessary.

This is the core of what keeps you centred.

The ability to shed its tail and then regenerate it reminds you that even when you feel like you have had to cut off a limb to escape a situation, you can recover fully from this situation and feel whole again.

The upper middle part of your back holds your back upright

It’s the energy that allows you to square your shoulders and stand proud.

You are proud of who you are and the respect you give to those around you.

This lizard is on his way up and so are you.

Though, this lizard is looking towards the past, so be careful not to keep looking back .

Focus on your future.

I feel that you have a wonderful future and are through the toughest of times and these are now in the past.

Call on the lizard energy when you need to be flexible.

Use the smarts of the lizard to outwit your adversaries.

Be smart about the battles you take on and the things that you would normally be stubborn about.

The colour black represents elegance and sophistication.

Bring these traits to the fore when dealing with difficult people.

Remember the harmony you will feel when you balance things out, utilising the yin and yang energy. Black is also the energy of strength and authority.

So take charge of your life. You have the strength and the touch of aggression in the colour black to put up the necessary boundaries around you. Just remember to balance the power so it has just the right amount of force.

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