Sun Over Mountain

This tattoo is very interesting.

The mountains show challenges ahead but you can see the sun rising up in the background.

Showing you that there is a bright future ahead of you.

The clouds on each side symbolise a clearing away of misconceptions, doubts and fears to allow a clearer vision of the future.

I can’t tell which part of the body this tattoo is on, but it has a really powerful energy attached to it.

This is a journey of strength and courage.

I love how the suns rays are very long and makes the sun bigger than the mountains.

So even though the mountains appear huge in retrospect they aren’t really.

The future is so much bigger and brighter and the challenges are small in comparison.

The clouds are made up of swirls and curls.

The clouds on the left look like waves crashing into the shore.

This is a very powerful cleansing source of nature.

The clouds on the right look like smoke rising upwards.

Lifting and floating away.

Clouds combine the symbolism of both air and water.

In esoteric symbolism, air represents the realms of the mind, thought and mentality.

Water represents themes of emotion, intuition and the psyche.

Clouds also symbolise both illusion and revelation.

So fitting then that they are shown in this tattoo and appear as stage curtains to the scene taking centre stage.

There is certainly a happy grounded future ahead for this person.

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