Rose Tattoo Artwork

We work with many prospective tattoo designs. Often clients designs are looking for a tattoo artist to complete the work.

When you work with Donna BEFORE you get your new ink you are enjoying the best of both worlds.

She can offer any suggestions before the work has began AND delve deeply into the metaphysical aspects of the clients life journey.

We work with actual tattoos after the ink has been placed. This even allows Donna to delve into the psyche of the wearer even more deeply.

When you read the M&M's reading you will notice that Donna was contacted by both the grandmothers of the client. They jointly had messages for the client. Interesting.

We also work with tattoos that the wearer doesn't like any more and want to have them modified.

Actually this was how SoulTattoo got started.

This design was only of artwork and you can see that Donna was able to add a far deeper understanding of what at first sight is simply a design.

In the hands of a skilled psychic - nothing is simple!

This design has been created but not yet tattooed on a person.

The Star of David represents the connection bonding human spirit to Mother Nature.

It is also the symbol of divine protection.

Here we see that the star is clearly made up of two separate triangles.

Pythagoras associated the number 3 with triangles, which is meaningful to many groups.

Triangles and other three-part symbols may present such concepts as past, present, and future or spirit, mind, and body.

The orientation of a triangle can be important to its meaning.

Point-up triangles represent a strong foundation or stability.

Earth and water symbols are formed from point-up triangles; pointing upward stands for the ascent to heaven.

The point-up triangle can also represent male energy, and fire and air are masculine elements.

The point-down triangle can represent female energy, and water and earth are feminine elements. Symbols for air and fire are formed from point-down triangles; point-down triangles can represent the descent into the physical world.

The cross over of the triangles can represent harmony.

The triangle in the back is black, while the front triangle has a white background.

This represents yin and yang. Balance and again harmony.

The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave; the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth.

Each individual triangle is also its own yin and yang energy as well.

This very much is a statement of being balanced in all areas of your being.

The mind, body and the spirit.

Having a rose blooming in the centre of the yang, the light swirl is perfect as this represents growth and passion.

If this rose was coloured in red this would be a very strong passionate person who would be wearing this. A pink rose would have the energy of a soft and gentle love.

A yellow rose would indicate a friendly caring and joyful person.

The fact that the stem of the rose is in the bottom left hand corner indicates that the person is starting to blossom and really open up and show their beauty to the world.

This is the heart of who they are.

The very core of what centres them.

There are healthy leaves in each corner showing that they have a healthy balance.

The star has six points and six sides.

The number 6 itself is the first perfect number.

It is perfectly balanced and harmonious, made up of two sets of 3, which is the number of creativity and the spirit.

The angel number 6 wants you to achieve harmony and balance in your life.

Everything good will follow once you have a peaceful and stable life.

This tattoo would be great placed in the central lower back.

It would place this in the sacral chakra which is related to everything about you that is tied to creation.

So, whenever your sacral chakra is open, you’ll feel dynamic, stimulated and full of ideas.

Alignment in this chakra also gives you the confidence to make significant changes to the way you live your life.

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