M&M Tattoo PLUS Medium Reading

Firstly, looking at the M & M.

This straight up shows the playful side to love and romance that this person has.It shows a suave, smooth lover with a quick wit.

The colour purple is about loyalty and devotion.

It is also about being truthful to a fault.It is also the colour of magic and seeing that it is truly magical when you are in love and loved.

The red rose is a symbol of true love.Red is also the colour of passion.

A rose is traditional.

I feel that the letter M is an initial for someone important in your life.

It also stands for a mother or figure that was like a mum, who is the first woman that you had love for.

She is an important part of your life.

So, I am getting two different people here.

This reading continues on because during the reading Donna was contacted by the clients deceased Grandmothers ...

Now the grandmother on your mother's side is coming through.

This woman is the cheeky person.

She is the person who taught you how to have fun and how to enjoy life.

She is the grandmother who would sneak you a biscuit and give you a wink when you were being that little cheeky self.

She was the one who would make fun of chasing you with the tea towel.

To be the one who would happily just dance out on the grass with you.

I feel like this woman was alive and happy.

I feel like she was a homebody, but just embraced being outside.

I feel that she loved the simple things of life. Just watching the washing on the line, just enjoying seeing the sun and the flowers.

I can see her standing and ironing and taking great pride in how she did the pillowcases and the hankies and even the sheets and the undies and she was at her best when she was feeling like she was keeping everything fresh and alive and in order.

She was the important person in your life that gave you that senses of wonder and happiness in enjoying the simple things of cartwheels and tumbles and playing with sticks and play fights and home-made lemonade.

I feel like she just adored that cheeky little boy.

I feel like she was unable to be that person with your mum growing up.

I feel like she had to divide her time so much more when your mum was little, and that things were so much more time demanding for her to keep the house and to provide for everybody.

The relationship with you, her grandson, she had more time on her hands, so she was she was able to be that more carefree person that she was truly at the centre of her.

Your mum never got to experience the same extent of her attention that you did.

She's really sorry that she wasn't able to show your mum that side of her, but she was so happy that she was able to be that person for you.

She's just so proud of you as is the grandmother on your dad’s side of you.

She acknowledges that this tattoo is in order of two strong women in your life.

I feel that the colour lavender is something that this particular grandma loved and the flower lavender itself was one that she loved having in and around the house. In the garden, paper sachets in drawers and cupboards as well.

She's really telling me though that there is something important that you need to know about yourself. You need to know that this cheeky, playful side of you isn't lost.

It's not a side of you that​ you need to hide.

She feels that as you're getting older you are sort of feeling that you have to be more serious with life and she's telling you that you don't.

She's telling you that your cheekiness will help you balance out the seriousness.

She's telling me that her and your other grandma are working together.

One is protecting and supporting you and one is encouraging you to be yourself.

They come together and combined they are looking after you as a whole, so there's no need to hide those wounds either.

It's time to embrace those parts of you and bring them out and really get down and dirty with them. Have fun while you're doing that and she's going to be there to give you the cuddles to put the band-aids on throughout your whole life.

There is so much more ahead of you.

I just feel like there is this time of study and learning that you're going through now and that these two women are going to help you to come through this.

There is just so much detail around where you are headed and it really is quite structured and it's quite profound.

I feel that there is a lot of learning, a lot of education and a lot of practicality in what you've got to do moving forward and hence why it's important to retain that cheeky side of you, because through the studies and the learnings and the setting of boundaries and setting timelines, you have to balance that out with having fun and showing people this other side to you, so that they don't think that you are just Mr serious.

There are such great things for you to achieve in your life and it's just going to be so amazing when you get through this work at the moment that has to be done.​

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