Scar Coverup - C-Section Tattoo

Scars ...Especially for women, even something as beautiful as giving birth can leave a scar that we become self-conscious of.

We see this scar every time we look in the mirror.

We may see it as ugly or disfiguring even though it was to give birth to an amazing child.

When I saw the tattoo, I was gobsmacked.How awesome is this tattoo?

The cherry blossom used in this tattoo symbolises beauty.

The pink represents love.

Because Cherry Blossoms only flower for a short time, they remind us to live in the present moment.

They are also symbolic of spring which is a time of renewal.

So instead of the scar, this woman now sees only a beautiful and very feminine design.

This emphasises the beautiful gift of being able to give birth.

Once you delve deeper into the colours and the selection of the plant in this design you can see that the energy of this tattoo is perfect for the healing that was needed.

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