Peter Pan On Finger

The placing of this tattoo is very interesting because it is hard for the owner of the tattoo to see it themselves unless they hold it up to a mirror.

However, it is very visible for others to see when it's in this position, which is the position of pondering or day dreaming.

If we remember the story of Peter Pan, he comes to take Wendy back to Neverland to be a mother for the lost boys.

Her two brothers join along.

Peter Pan was the one who showed them how to fly and led the way on all sorts of adventures.

This tattoo being on the left hand indicates feminine energies at work.

The index finger or pointer finger is used to point the way.

This tattoo shows that magic is driving this person to believe in the life that they want.

After all, that is what Wendy and her brothers needed to do to fly.Believe…. It shows that family will always be with you wherever you may travel.

Even to distant seemingly dangerous lands on all sorts of adventures.

This tattoo shows that you are a dreamer and believe that anything is possible.

If you can dream it - then it can be.

You are always in thought but can never be accused of being serious.

You are feminine to a fault and you have a quiet confidence about you.

You have a loving motherly nature that nurtures those within your world.

Nothing will stop you from achieving a wonderful magical life as you would never not believe that it was possible.​​

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