Butterfly on Bald Head

This is clever. As the wearer moves on from their youth they can, if they choose, hide their ink from the world. This of course in no way diminishes the power of the ink or Donna's reading of today. A Psychic Tattoo Reading reading is NOT for the worlds consumption - it is personal and for the wearer so they can gain a better understanding of themselves. And isn't that our ultimate aim? Self awareness!

Interesting choice for the placement of this tattoo.

The cerebellum (back of brain) is located at the back of the head. Its function is to coordinate voluntary muscle movements and to maintain posture, balance, and equilibrium.

This also has the energy of what’s at the back of your mind & thoughts.

The journey of healing that this person has been on is always going to be in the back of their mind when making decisions about their future.

The location of the tattoo also can be seen clearly by those who are behind them.

This gives inspiration to those who are on the same journey that this is the end result.

Something of beauty to behold.

It screams freedom.

Now, on to our feature image.

The butterfly is a symbol of beauty and transformation.

Its life starts off as a caterpillar and then it spins itself into a cocoon.

During this stage is when it hides away from life and prepares to emerge totally transformed and a far cry from the caterpillar that it was when its journey began.

The same is true for this person.

While in their own personal cocoon, their time of transition, they have emerged a different person. They are ready to take flight and to show their true colours.

They are ready to explore the world and they see the beauty in the flowers and the trees and can taste the sweet nectar that life has to offer.

The fact that this butterfly has no colour shows that this was a serious time for this person.

It made them see the world in black and white during this time. It feels like they are still left in shadows about what life has to truly offer them.

I would like to see some colour added to this tattoo to change the energy.

To show that their world again has brightness and is enjoyable and that they are carefree.

The markings on the back of their right ear is interesting.

Though I can’t see if there is more to this tattoo, it looks like a symbol that is open to hearing messages that are being received from spirit and those around them.

It also looks like a trumpet flower.

The trumpet flower symbolises a fresh start.

I fell like this was connected to waiting to hear good news.

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